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Brandis Palace is located in the eastern part of Germany, right at the gates of the famous trade fair city Leipzig. It looks back on hundreds of years of vibrant history. Including several architecture styles, famous noble families created a Baroque palace totally unique in Germany.

Do you like to experience the special appeal and the long-lasting tradition of Brandis Palace? Do you want to celebrate your wedding in a fabulous atmosphere Cinderella would be dreaming of? Do you look for a remote and smooth place to hold your conferences, meetings and seminars? Do you search for a luxurious and sophisticated ambience to present your new product launch? Are you overwhelmed by the multifarious culture and history of Brandis Palace and do you want to visit one of the numerous cultural events?

We invite you on a virtual photo tour around the grounds and interiors of Brandis Palace. Alternatively, you could send us a message or call us. In order to come one step closer to the fulfilment of your dreams, you will receive an immediate response of us.

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History of Brandis Palace

We are happy that you are interested in the history of Brandis Palace.

From ancient documents the history of Brandis Palace can be traced back to the 12th century when it was used as a manor. The origins of Brandis Palace, seen from its current appearance, can be found in the 18th century. Between 1724 and 1727 Otto Wilhelm von Bodenhausen engaged the famous Baroque architect David Schatz to plan and build a palace that should surpass every other in western Saxony at that time.

Remaining unfinished during the 18th century, Baron Friedrich von Pentz completed the construction in the mid of the 19th century at the same time when he extended the grounds of the park. Noteworthy are the plantations of exotic trees and shrubs e.g. the pumpwood, the copper beech and the champion oak originally descending from Northern America. Furthermore, Baron Friedrich von Pentz induced the creating of precious sculptures and statuary which represent the cultural importance of Brandis Palace. Among them, the mausoleum, built in 1854, the water reservoir tower, built in1884, and several lion sculptures are the most famous and outstanding ones.

The cultural diversity and importance of Brandis Palace was honoured with the enrolment to the Saxon monument register in1941. With the Second World War coming to an end, a battalion of the US-Army seized Brandis Palace to become a garrison before the Red Army took over, expropriated the former owner Major Otto Busse and used it as a commandant’s office and later on as a hotel. From 1968 on Brandis Palace was owned by the City of Leipzig which repurposed the palace to become a retirement and nursing home.

With the closure of the retirement and nursing home in 2003 Brandis Palace fell into a deep sleep lasting almost one decade. By renovating both wings in 2006 and including sophisticated flats and maisonettes in them, parts of the Brandis Palace flourished again. However, the main building remained slumbering. It was not until 2012 when the current lord discovered the cultural heritage and potential of Brandis Palace and decided to restore the Palace, the Palace grounds and the gatehouse completely. Since then, Brandis Palace is undergoing repairs carried out by carpenters, masons and restorers- all masters of their crafts.

Celebrations and events

Every celebration begins with a first step and the question, which location seems to fulfil my needs, demands and dreams of a perfect festivity. We are convinced that Brandis Palace is the perfect and most consummate place for your celebration or event and we are inspired to share our conviction with you in order to persuade you of the advantages of Brandis Palace. Our advantages at glance:

  • Baroque palace with an unique combination of different architecture styles
  • Manifold lounges of different sizes and styles perfectly aligned to your needs
  • Castle grounds of 40,000 square metres in size coming with a picturesque landscape

A guarantee for the entire planning of your celebration or event including any special need or wish from your side.

Private events (weddings, birthday celebrations, jubilees)

No matter if you’d like to celebrate your birthday, your wedding or baptism Brandis Palace is your ideal location to do so. The palace is located close to Leipzig and ranks among the most famous event location in central Germany.

With its 300 years of history filled with lustre, splendour and tradition it’s a really special location for your festivity either held in a solemnly and luxurious atmosphere or organised in a modern and relaxed ambience. Our lounges and saloons vary in size and offer comfort and space for up to 400 people. Planning a celebration for more than 400 guests, our castle grounds are on hand and with its picturesque landscape perfectly suited for your family and wedding photos.

Our services consist of a comprehensive management of your celebration by planning, realising and following up with you as our customer. Ensuring you will never forget your festivity again, it is crucially important for us to implement your individual needs and wishes.

And if you believe we exaggerate the splendour of Brandis Palace and overstate the sophistication of our services, we’d like to invite you to Brandis Palace. Please, call or e-mail us, make an appointment for a visit in order to visualise the advantages of Brandis Palace for yourself. It is our profession to turn doubters into believers and believers into long-standing customers.

Corporate events

Do you look for peaceful seclusion and a close touch with nature to realise the conference, convention or workshop of your company? Do you require a sophisticated and luxurious ambience for your new product launch, corporate event or the celebration of the board of executives?

We are in possession of Brandis Palace, a 300 years old Baroque Palace of 3,000 square metres in size. Located at the gates of Leipzig it is easily accessible by car and plane. Our lounges and saloons differ in size and offer comfort and space for up to 400 people. In order to realise a major event for up to 3000 guests, the castle grounds of Brandis Palace are on hand. The stucco decorated lounges and the picturesque landscape of the castle grounds will dignify your corporate event.

Our services consist of a comprehensive management of your celebration by planning, realising and following up with you as our customer. Ensuring you will never forget your festivity again, it is crucially important for us to implement your individual needs and wishes.

Could we convince you of our experiences, potentialities and strengths? Please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are looking forward to a collaborative and succesful cooperation.

Cultural events

Brandis Palace offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy baroque music in an historically accurate ambience. Be it musical pieces of Monteverdi and Schütz or compositions of Bach, Händel, Telemann und Vivaldi, Brandis Palace takes you into the world of cultural delectation.

In a world full of admirable culture and music we don’t confine ourselves solely to one musical genre or epoch. Beethoven, Choping and Mozart are as parts of our repertoire as really good Jazz. If you love to listen to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Nat King Cole, you just found the right cultural location.

Please take a look at our upcoming event and reserve your tickets. We’d like to welcome you and your family for an inspiring evening full of cultur and joy.

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